The word Djagô is a phonetic and conceptual proposal to the
hindi word Jago that means:

To wake up or Wake Up!

The concept I want to present from this term comes from the addition of the letter D, as in drawing, as in design and also as in demystifying, as in awakening, which in Portuguese is “despertar”.

In this way, when we pronounce the word Djagô, the ideal phonetic is reached and we send the message of what we want and can manifest together: the Awakening.

This school, which starts virtually, will bring tools for the real and practical spirituality, the one we can experience in our daily lives. There will be no prerequisites for accessing the knowledge that will be made available on this portal. They will be contents and programs that will give you autonomy to build the design of your awakening, that is, to draw your own path towards the genuine and real awakening.

Here we will begin to demystify the idea we have of awakening as a place to reach. In truth, awakening is a continuous path, full of colors and surprises that come through knowledge and the remembrance of who we are and what we came here to do.

The maxim “know thyself” is a kind of a download that has been widely communicated to mankind in many ways for a long time. Few people have stopped to access this download and so they remain stuck in the webs of suffering and unhappiness.

Self-knowledge, which comes from self-observation, combined with information, study and practice, is then a portal. It opens the perception and understanding of something immensely valuable – what we believe to be our reality is camouflaged by veils that prevent us from accessing what is the key to freedom: who we really are. This is the truth that awakens.

I invite you to immerse with me and begin the journey to discover the light that inhabits your deepest self. I want and can contribute to the manifestation of who you truly are, here and now. 

Welcome to my new school:

Djagô – Practical Spirituality

Sri Prem Baba

I am a student of life. From a very young age, I have been going through and using the teachings of several self-knowledge schools. I went deeper into Yoga, especially Jñana, Bhakti and Karma Yoga. I’ve dedicated myself for many years to the study and practice of psychology in different approaches. I am a missionary from an ancient Yogi lineage, the Sachcha lineage. From my master I’ve received the mission translated by the Prabhu Ap Jago mantra – to awaken love in all beings and in all places.

The purpose of my work is to manifest and promote the expansion of individual and collective consciousness through the exercise of love and compassion, dimensions of the Self that are capable of reestablishing and elevating human, spiritual and social values. Among the publications signed by me are the books “Love and Be Free – The Basis for a New Society”, “From Suffering to Joy”, and the most recent, the best seller “Purpose – The Courage to Be Who We Are”.

Here I present myself as the dean and teacher of this school and also as a friend committed to supporting you on this path of significant transformation. Practical spirituality is the real door to anchor all the prosperity, joy and love we deserve. Self-knowledge is the path that we will follow together.

It is a great joy to walk alongside you.

Design of awakening


Sri Prem Baba opens his new school with the first program for awakening consciousness. Throughout his unique and deep methodology, Prem Baba presents, with simplicity and clarity, practical tools and exercises for identifying and removing obstacles that prevent prosperity, love and freedom.

The program ‘Removing Obstacles from Life’ will now count on live support from Sri Prem Baba. There will be 8 biweekly meetings lasting two hours each, totaling 16 hours. The student who enrolls in this new format will have access to the recorded classes, as well as to the live meetings. Sri Prem Baba will answer questions and offer complementary tools and exercises in a specific conduction on the topic.

In this second program, Sri Prem Baba gives continuity and goes deeper into studies that focus on the awakening of the power of presence through new neural connections that allow us to co-create reality.

Sri Prem Baba’s teachings in a format that allows constant and sequential study and in-depth learning. The student will have access to an exclusive calendar of live meetings that integrate a roll of programs, retreats, satsangs, intensive courses and talks with Master Sri Prem Baba. The recorded content remains available on the platform. 

Open Satsang, online and live with Sri Prem Baba. The Satsang takes place on February 7th from 8:30 am to 10:30 am (Brasília time) on the Zoom platform, it’s part of the Djagô Teaching Academy’s calendar and it will also be open to students who are not yet enrolled in the Academy. To participate, we suggest a voluntar contribution of R $ 30.00 (thirty reais). The net total collected will be destined to a campaign that houses and cares for abandoned animals. It is also possible to participate in the Satsang for free. Choose the option you want below:

Recording of the opening Satsang of the intensive course “From Suffering to Joy”, with Sri Prem Baba. The Satsang is part of the Djagô Teaching Academy’s calendar. The net amount * (after taxes) collected from the registration has been destined for campaigns that support people in situations of vulnerability.

Recording of the first online retreat where Sri Prem Baba answered questions and proposed to the participants a deepening into the study of the Self. Through his simple and accessible methodology, Prem Baba presented his vision of the current moment as well as practical tools and additional content that help us in the face of the challenges of this new time. The retreat took place live in July 2020.

In his first live and online Satsang, which took place on November 8th, Sri Prem Baba transmitted, directly from India, teachings on the path of self-realization. In addition to addressing the current moment, he answered some questions that were sent by the participants. The Satsang was open to everyone and the amount of money that was collected was destined for the campaign of donations of layettes for pregnant women in vulnerability, served by Child Fund Brasil — an Institution that maps and serves families in the deep countryside of Brazil in situations of extreme poverty.

Recording of the Parivartan Online Retreat where  Sri Prem Baba transmitted his teachings about the planetary transition that we are experiencing. Here, you can find the recording of 5 meetings, each lasting two hours, where Prem Baba brings clarity about this moment, talks about how to deal with so many challenging journeys — at the individual and collective level — and interacts with the students’ doubts.

Satsang aberto, online e ao vivo com Sri Prem Baba. O Satsang acontece no dia 7 de fevereiro, das 8h30 às 10h30 (horário de Brasília) via plataforma Zoom, faz parte do calendário da Djagô Academia de Ensinos e será também aberto para estudantes que ainda não estejam inscritos na Academia. Para participar, sugerimos uma contribuição voluntária de R$ 30,00 (trinta reais), o total líquido arrecadado será destinado a uma campanha que abriga e cuida de animais abandonados. Também é possível participar do Satsang de forma gratuita. Escolha a opção que desejar abaixo: